Governance and Corporate Information

The RMA’s remit is determined by the legal requirements set out in the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003 and more explicitly in the Risk Assessment and Minimisation (Accreditation Scheme) (Scotland) Order 2006.


Our Chief Executive is accountable to 1) the Scottish Government through the Parole Unit of the Justice Directorate, who act as our sponsor and funder, and 2) the RMA Board who provide strategic direction and monitor our progress.


In adhering to our statutory obligations, we produce regular corporate documents that are accessible to the public to ensure transparency in our work. These documents outline how we work and provide evidence on our progress to our key stakeholders.


Our Corporate Plans are formal documents that are published every three years. They outline our long-term strategies and the activities we will undertake to achieve them.


Business Plans support the Corporate Plan in that they are produced every year and provide more detailed information on how we will achieve our strategic aims. These documents contain our Objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the current 12-month period.


Our Annual Report and Accounts are laid before Parliament and published on our website. These retrospective documents provide information on our progress and details of expenditure. Our reports are also a means of demonstrating evidence of effective financial control and the utilisation of public funding in-line with government objectives.


Our Sponsorship Framework sets out the broad framework within which the RMA will operate.