FRAME: Emerging evidence on the use of LS/CMI in Scotland

9th October 2015

The RMA was delighted to host a conference on the Level of Service / Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI) in October of this year. The focus of this free event was what we have learned and what we can learn further about implementation practice. 



The event reflected upon: 

  • Findings on the performance and application of the risk/needs assessment method in Scotland
  • The LS/CMI
  • The FRAME elements
  • The role of implementation practice and quality assurance
  • How routine risk/needs assessment can inform practice, policy and service delivery with special consideration given to
    • Higher risk of serious harm
    • Informing a gender responsive approach to women who offend, are at risk of custody or serving a custodial sentence






Dr Kevin Williams

Multi Health Systems    



Yvonne Gailey and Gaby Vojt

Risk Management Authority


Heather Irving

Risk Management Authority


Mark McSherry and Ian McIntosh

Risk Management Authority


















































basic-risk-needs_profiles.png  BASIC RISK NEEDS PROFILES
identifying_and_evaluating_rosh.png  IDENTIFYING AND EVALUATING ROSH
implementing_lscmi_in_scotland.png  IMPLEMENTING LS/CMI IN SCOTLAND
lscmi_in_practice_national_report.png  LS/CMI IN PRACTICE NATIONAL REPORT
normative_data_table.png  NORMATIVE DATA TABLE
scottish_normative_data.png  SCOTTISH NORMATIVE DATA
the_importance_of_evaluation.png  THE IMPORTANCE OF EVALUATION
understanding_the_needs_of_women_who_offend.png  UNDERSTANDING THE NEEDS OF WOMEN WHO OFFEND
understanding_the_needs_of_women_who_offend_2.png  UNDERSTANDING THE NEEDS OF WOMEN WHO OFFEND 2