MAPPA Chairs - awareness training


Awareness days have been arranged for MAPPA Chairs about the risk assessments and risk management plans that now form part of the MAPPA guidance and document set. 

                3 March 2016 - Jackton


4 March 2016 - Glasgow


15 March 2016 - Aberdeen


16 March 2016 - Edinburgh

12 October 2016 - Perth


The input is based on the principles and standards set out in the Framework for Risk Assessment, Management and Evaluation (FRAME) (RMA: 2011). FRAME promotes a shared set of principles and standards, and a consistent practice process that should be applied across agencies and client groups. These events supplement the risk practice training being undertaken by criminal justice social work and police staff across Scotland.


Risk of serious harm is defined as:




“…the likelihood of harmful behaviour of a violent or sexual nature, which is life threatening and/or traumatic, and from which recovery, whether physical or psychological, may reasonably be expected to be difficult or impossible.”

 Framework for Risk Assessment, Management and Evaluation (RMA, 2011)



Before you come on the course, the following three resources should be reviewed 


→ 1 – The Policy Context

Watch the short video which summarises  Scotland’s approach to risk assessment and management practice - the Framework for Risk Assessment, Management and Evaluation (FRAME) (Click below)

→ 2 – The Risk Management Plan Template

Review the Risk Management Plan template to familiarise yourself with the format. (Click below)


→ 3 – Case Study: Keith Shaw

Read the case study for Keith Shaw. This will form the basis of the skills practice throughout the course. (Click below)


If you have any questions please contact your local MAPPA Co-ordinator. We look forward to seeing you on the day.