The purpose of the LS/CMI reports is to provide an analysis of information from the use of the LS/CMI system in Scotland to support the development of self-evaluation, quality assurance measures and service planning. This analysis is also intended to provide local authorities with a national comparison to the data provided in each local authority previously.


Following publication of LS/CMI in Practice reports for each local authority and the National Report in 2014 a number of topics for further examination were identified by the RMA and SW Scotland. These reports will include an initial overview of the profiles of those who met the criteria for further risk of serious harm assessment and a comparative report on the use of the LS/CMI method in custody.


The RMA would like to thank Criminal Justice Social Work Services for their on-going collaboration in providing data and look forward to providing the further analysis agreed in the Social Work Scotland Standing Committee for Criminal Justice.


The LS/CMI in practice national report is available below and access to the learning evaluation and local authority reports can be obtained by using username and passwords provided previously.